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Welcome to the East Coast Health Insurance Texas health insurance contact us / about us page. We are located in humid South Florida and have our first office in Plano, Texas. Our Plano office specializes in home and auto insurance, but it is good for us to establish roots in every state.

East Coast Health Insurance is privately owned and operated by Caroline & Jeremy Ehrenthal. Our other partner is Joshua Sawicki who also is our CFO and is in charge of acquisitions. If you are wondering who actually wrote this page, it is me Jeremy Ehrenthal.

Our internet goals are simple. To become the largest, national insurance broker in the country. We currently offer every type of insurance and have around sixty insurance websites that seek to inform and educate consumers. Our company and all of its agents prides itself on honesty and never making sacrifices to make an extra dollar. We often hear that we are the last true health insurance call center in the country, however we know that Vimo is also heavily involved in health as well.  The main difference being that we sell more lines of insurance.

My point though is that we are one of the last standing health insurance call centers and have found creative ways to stay in business through outlaw marketing tactics and risk taking.

My wife and I started this company ourselves with no capital and now have close to 60 employees and growing. We are currently working on starting an Allstate and buying local insurance agencies in Broward County, Florida.

If you have any questions you are welcome to fill out our form below and I will personally answer anything that I can or pass it along to someone that will. You can call our office anytime at 888 803 5917 for health insurance questions and 888 206 0565 for all other lines of insurance including liability, auto, and home.

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