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Welcome to our Texas health insurance website!  This site is owned and maintained by East Coast Health Insurance, the leader in online health insurance nationwide.

East Coast Health Insurance is not a lead vendor nor do we sell information.  All we do sell is health insurance plans.  With over 20 licensed agents waiting to talk to you, we are the experts in all aspects of the individual and family Texas health insurance market.  So either call us now at 888 803 5917 or click the button above to run your own customized health insurance quote.  And if you feel comfortable and confident, you can even go ahead and apply.

Once you choose a plan and decide to apply online, you are immediately directed to the secure carrier website of your choice to complete the application.  We currently offer health insurance plans in Texas from Aetna, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas, Celtic, Cigna, Humana One, and United Health One.

Texas is known for its size and because it is such a large state, each major area has its own unique premium pricing, therefore it is not possible to make blanket statements like company a offers the most affordable plans. Premiums are driven by zip code, family size, and age. And once the application is submitted the premiums will be substantially affected by your health (unless you are completely healthy).

Texas Health Plan Choices

Some Texans want the most comprehensive plan regardless of cost, some residents simply want the most affordable. The main variables of premiums in Texas are your deductible, coinsurance limits, prescription coverage elected, and office visit copayment choices.

The Most Affordable Texas Plans

To make your plan the most affordable, you will choose the highest deductible and the highest coinsurance with no coverage for office visits and prescriptions until after the deductible is satisfied.  This type of plan is called major medical or catastrophic. Don’t buy this plan if you go to the doctor monthly or need frequent medical testing. Indeed you will want to be in overall good health and only go to the physician for your annual physical.  Most plans do include coverage for an annual physical including blood workup and basic labs.

High Deductible Health Savings Accounts

Very similar to the most affordable health plans, Health Savings Account health plans (HSA’s) have high deductibles but also include a tax free account in which the insured makes contributions up to the limit which can be used to pay for most medical services tax free. The main consumer for these plans is typically upper middle class and higher that like to save on taxes and don’t use their health plans excessively.

Once you turn 65, your HSA can be used like a standard IRA and does not need to be used to pay for medical services.  If you read between the lines, essentially an HSA allows higher income people to double up on their tax write offs.

The Most Comprehensive Texas Health Plans

If you use your insurance frequently or have enough money to afford the more comprehensive plans you will get much more use from your plan including prescription coverage and office visit copays. I heavily recommend these plans for children too. Also if you are into HMO’s Scott & White Health Plan is a privately owned, not-for-profit community-based health plan.

Your best bet is to run a Texas health insurance quote though as in some cases you can get much more for your health insurance dollar than you think.